Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prepped Food, Part 1

On Sunday, I posted a rundown of our weekly kitchen prep, which enables us to eat quick, healthy meals that are ready in just a few minutes each. While I was writing it, I realized that I should do followup posts showing how those quick meals come together with the prepped food. So, here's how we ate on Monday.


We're usually rushing to get to the gym and out the door, and eggs are quick and easy. So we eat eggs pretty much every weekday. If we liked cold boiled eggs, we would totally prep them on Sunday and eat them all week, but we don't, so I scramble them. I usually scramble five eggs together (with turmeric for health benefits) and give Keith three-fifths of them and about two-fifths for myself.

Here we had our scrambled eggs with the leftover grilled potatoes from Sunday evening (reheated in the skillet before I cooked the eggs), as well as some daikon radish kimchi and green onions, and strawberries on the side. We like iced tea with breakfast too. I do love coffee, but I like to linger over it, so I usually wait until I start working before I have it. 

Note that we're eating the strawberries first since they go bad faster. I save longer-lasting fruits like grapefruit for the end of the week. With this system, you always want to eat the most perishable foods first whenever you can.

Time to make the meal, start to finish: 8 minutes.


I had a steak salad: baby greens piled with sprouts, cucumber salad with tomatoes, green onions, steak, pickled garlic, a drizzle of fig-balsamic vinegar, and fresh ground pepper. For dessert I had a peach. You may be noticing a pattern with the kimchi at breakfast and pickled garlic in this meal; we try to eat something fermented with most meals to aid digestion and boost our nutritional intake

Keith had steak, a peeled baked sweet potato, grilled eggplant, and cucumber salad on the side. I also sent him a little dish of strawberries for dessert. 

Total time to make the meals: 2 minutes for mine, 5 minutes for his.


Around mid-afternoon, we went to the pub to watch one of the World Cup soccer games, and while there we had a couple of bar snacks. So when dinnertime came around, we weren't starving hungry and just wanted something light to tide us over until morning. We shared a plate of celery sticks, carrot sticks, and a few pieces of steak. It totally hit the spot.

Total time to make the meal: about 90 seconds.

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